Weekly Cleanups

The Poop Squad will visit your home or commercial property weekly, every other week or monthly. We will clean up and remove the dog waste from your yard on a prescheduled, routine basis so you never have to scoop it again. There are no contracts at all. Start or stop your service with a single call or email.

We access your lawn or other property in a way that ensures your dog will remain in the yard while prioritizing home safety, making sure to lock gates when we exit. If your dog is comfortable being in the yard with us while we work, then we would love for him/her to be there. We serve as your second pair of eyes. Our crew will watch for any signs of illness, unusual digestion, blood, foreign objects, parasites or worms in your dog's waste and tell you if things just don’t look right. If at any time you are unsatisfied, please call us immediately and we will return to make it right.

Most people that call for a spring clean up are so pleased with our service that they decide they can’t live without a regular, weekly visit. If you arrange for a regular, weekly visit, our team will keep your yard looking nice, smelling nice, and safe for your family and pets.

Usually all arrangements can be made over the phone to commence regular service. Just call us and we’ll ask you to answer a few questions that will give us the information we need to meet your specific requirements. On our first visit we ask to be paid for the first month in advance, either by email money transfer or cheque. After that one payment per month, email transfer or postdated cheques, work best. That way you are not paying “in advance”, gauranteeing your complete satisfaction and we don’t have to bother you every month. Also, if you have to put a hold on the service for any reason (eg. vacations, dog out of the house) then we can change the cheque for that period. We ask that you give us 1 weeks notice if your do have to put the service on hold. We also offer a discount for customers who want to prepay for the season in advance.

The #1 reason people hire The Poop Squad Dog Waste Removal Specialists is because they simply don’t have the time to keep up with their dogs weekly poop. Many dog owners often find the chore disgusting and would much prefer to secure an affordable and convenient solution to their problem. Of course families with children who often play in the same area where their dogs commonly leave their poop can definitely benefit from the service. We especially find our service indispensable for people with visual impairments, bad backs, athritis or many other disabilities. For families that tend to get into heated battles over whose turn it is clean up each week, it is a great solution. If you own several dogs and struggle keeping up with their poop production which is leaving your lawn and garden looking more brown than green, we are there to help.