Winter Policy

From our long history in the business, we have found that the climate in the Ottawa area makes it difficult to give proper service in the winter months. There is snow constantly falling, covering up the waste and the freezing temperatures make it very difficult to remove the waste from the snow and ice. We would be taking away more snow and ice then poop. In the long run you would be paying much more to continue the service during the winter, and not getting the proper service for it. Also, access to the yard is a major factor, snow build up at gates and slippery surfaces make it even more difficult.

For our weekly customers, we will begin spring clean up as soon as the snow begins to melt, typically the last week of March/first week of April. Once we have a snow/ice free area to work on we can begin and come back every week to remove the additional melted areas. For the "one time" spring clean up customers, we recommend that they wait until all the snow and ice has melted for us to come clean up. That way we are getting everything that has been left behind from the winter and we will be leaving your yard looking 100% better.