Spring Cleanups


Many people make their first call to The Poop Squad after the snow melts and they realize they need help with a huge problem that is visible and hard to ignore. We recommend that if you are not planning on continued routine service, to wait until all the snow and ice has melted before we do the work, ensuring that the job is done as completely as possible, for the one time visit. Payment required at time of visit by email transfer, cash or cheque.

We clean dog runs, concrete areas, wood decks, and residential & commercial landscaped areas. One area that is extremely important is any area that children may play in such as parks and sand pits. We can clean up dog waste in gardens where there is bark, river rock and pea gravel to name just a few. Additionally, we make our poop pickup services available to large dog shows, commercial dog kennels, pet hospitals, pet training facilities, municipal dog parks and city dog runs, as well as pet friendly apartments, condominiums and management companies who have tenants with dogs.

Your yard will be cleaned by one or more of our squad members who has been trained in the proper pick-up and disposal of dog waste. In accordance with The Poop Squad’s service protocol, our staff will put all dog waste into extra-strength garbage bags, tie the bags securely and take them away for proper disposal. No more mess, smell or inconvenience for you!
In addition to knowing their jobs, our team members know dogs. They own and love pets and know how to interact with them.

Obstacles that may ensure less than perfect results? It is difficult to guarantee complete removal of dog waste in a yard when we are handicapped by various obstacles, some of which include: excessive leaves, tall grass & weeds, scattered debris, large puddles of water & muddy areas, as well as loose dog stools. Additionally, please remember that an aggressive, threatening dog is not only a physical hindrance to ensuring excellent service, but is also a psychological concern.