Lawn Services

Lawn Cutting

Let us maintain your lawn to a healthy height with our lawn cutting services. To keep your lawn as healthy as possible, our crew will cut it only when necessary. Depending on the amount of sun and moisture received, your lawn may not require a cut every week, you will only be billed for the cuts you receive. We will edge the lawn around the flower beds, trees and buildings where necessary and clean off any clippings from your walkways and driveway. Keeping your lawn at a height of approximately will help to keep the moisture in the roots during the hot summer days and to better control the weeds.

Soding & Seeding

If you have patches of lawn that require replacing or need to replace large areas, The Poop Squad can give you a personalized quote to fit your lawn’s specific requirements. Whether it be sodding the entire yard or seeding problem areas, we will use the proper soil mixture for your area that will give you maximum results.